Daily Mystic for Tuesday 21 November

This Piscean Moon is fluid and amenable to magic over mundanity.

With its proximity to Saturn, you probably won’t sense the potential at first but it’s there. 

If you don’t over-indulge deflating thought and stay open to serendipity, you can expect fabulous insights or even unexpected good developments over the next 24 hours.

“Scrying” with water is extra effective – aka gazing into a bowl of water, the ocean, a stream, even a meditative shower with trippy music – is also more likely to evoke cosmic guidance/fantastic intuition flow than usual.

And, an advance alert: Mercury turns Retrograde in Capricorn in mid-December. It will back into Sagittarius and be Retro over the Yule period. If you need to make complex Christmas or travel plans, consider finalizing things sooner rather than later!


Image: Alphonse Mucha – The Prophetess

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