Daily Mystic For Tuesday 21 February

Happy New Moon in Pisces!

There is lots going on so this D.M. list form for easy parsing of the core need-to-knows.

#Space Weather/the Geomagnetic Storm.

This is in effect now, courtesy of heightened solar activity as we approach Solar Maximum 25. So Monday in the USA, UK and Europe and late Monday/Tuesday in Australia et al. There is no exact time for when this will hit the geomagnetic turbulence has been strong for the last 12 hours or so.

This is antsy energy – brilliant for insights or clarity, hard on the nerves and legit impossible for conformity. So if you have satellites tether them, if you’re feeling overly hyped, consider magnesium oil spray or similar and note that this massive solar stimulus energizes late Aquarius/early Pisces AND late Leo/early Virgo points of the zodiac.

That is 27° Aquarius to 3°Pisces plus 27° Leo to 3° Virgo. AKA people born between Feb 16 and 22 as well as those with birthdays from Aug 21 to 27. The first is where the Sun is, the second is where Earth is.

If you’ve been whirling around doing existential dramas regarding the saturnine gravity aspect of your life – obligations, fitting in, consensus reality, sensible moves – and the desire to live in a dionysian, apollonian self-actualizing vortex maybe you’re not dramatic – just at solar max. Updates here.

#Mercury is Square Uranus 

This is in play for the next 72 hours from now. It both amplifies the geomagnetic storm wackiness and brings information or resolution to not-fully-explained scenarios from 2020/2021.

It’s good for a post-script or belated apology/declaration. Not that many of us will be in the mood to sit down and listen to long-winded rambles – this is astro for creators, founders, renegades, performers, inventors and – sorry – hotheads on the global geopolitical stage.

If you have an audacious pitch to hurl into the mix or have spent Mars in Gemini plotting a coup – your moment is nigh. Save the full unfurling until March/April but trust instinctive flashes over Tues + Weds.

#Check out Venus moving closer to Jupiter in the night sky if your view is not overcast or cluttered by balloons, satellites etc. Watching this auspicious conjunction slowly form is a visual form of astrology that can be super-satisfying. It’s how we would have observed the stars in another time and I believe simple star-gazing can inspire profound magic.

Finally – the 12 Card Tarot revamp is finally done – I hope you like it!


IMAGE: Tuco Amalfi – Childhood

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