Daily Mystic For Tuesday 19 July

Happy Tuesday!

There are two core factors in play for the next four days and they’re kind of complimentary:

Factor One: The Sun opposite Pluto – aka a self-actualization or transformative regeneration push that may or may not involve a confrontation.

Factor Two: Mars sextile Lilith – aka the Warrior and the Renegade in cahoots with one another. Think unconventional alliances, tactics and tangents that not only work, they help to dissolve the residue of ancient angst or past-their-use-by-date hang-ups.

The strategy or new momentum you generate this week could pay off as early as mid-August, when Mars and Pluto are in a beneficial Earth element trine. However, don’t under-estimate potential opposition or power trippy people. This week, it’s better to expect pushback or gnarly conduct and be pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t materialize than the other way around.


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