Daily Mystic for Tuesday 18 July

Happy New Moon for very soon (at the time of writing) and note that this plus the imminent Venus Retrograde makes the next month an exceptionally good moment for mood modulation and feud resolution.

This is counter-balanced by Mars in Virgo – data may just be the secret of a sooner-than-expected success – and (starting today) the Lilith square Uranus config.

They’re both renegade influences and when they’re at odds with one another, the result is often inner turmoil, heated dialogue and flashpoints all over the place but guess what? They form a pragmatic truce, each having similar interests and the results are liberating.

You can’t get around the ‘vexed by limitations‘ angle and if anachronisms or narrow-minds annoyed you last week, they’ll feel incendiary by Friday but this is also an astro-atmosphere that favors upset wins, breakaway romance and sudden genius surges.

Unconventional thinking generates momentum and if you turbo-charge it with Mars-in-Virgo analytics, anticipate brilliant results.


PS: The Mars-Saturn opposition from the 19th to 22nd is still gnarly but this just means don’t take ridiculous risks or try juvenile stunts – stay in your power and informed to combat this scenario.

Image: Lou Benesch – Family Portrait

8 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Tuesday 18 July”

  1. Also, I am offering to send my Sola Busca Tarot cards to anyone here at MM community. I bought them at a specialist shop in Florence in April 2022, but I don’t seem to connect to them, preferring my Wildwood and RWS decks. They are of good quality and have a very pretty case. Don’t have anyone else in my real life who would appreciate them. It would be cheaper to send them somewhere in Europe, but anywhere in the world works, tbh.

    1. I’m in NYC and would be delighted to take them—or totally glad to defer if a fellow European MM member is interested too.

      In general, this is such a beautifully generous offer and part of why I love this community. Sometimes wish we had a private internal MM message board to find our local fellow witches and dream makers. Xx

      1. Awesome! I’ll ask Mystic’s wonderful Gemini assistant to do their Geminian magic and connect us. Please send a postal/P.O. Box address, that you prefer.
        I also recommend that you look up Sola Busca online. They are a bit traditional and different from the modern Tarot, as we know it.
        +100 for MM message boards.

        1. Wonderful! I am very excited – and did take a look at the cards online, which are beautiful. I actually don’t have a deck of my own — always figured when we come into my life at the right time, so this feels very serendipitous and a beautiful gift for new moon week. Sending gratitude + appreciation.

          1. Aww! You are very welcome. About bought cards vs gifted ones. Mystic has touched upon it before. If you feel ready for more after this deck, buy them! I bought all of mine, but I am Sun sq Mars Virgo rising. Anything I want done, I do it myself. 😂

  2. Happy New Moon! Thank you for the Housewitchery update, MM! 🙂 I deeply appreciate the transcript too. Now, off to dispose off the books I haven’t touched in a while.

  3. Noting the info about the Uranus Lilith combo set. There’s a Uranus Lilith conjunction transit (with Jupiter) in a little while for me, square and trine (and sextile) some things, so I’m just working out some permutations there. Uranus will be the transit.

  4. Hallelujah for the new moon! I woke up so exhausted the past three days I thought I’d never have energy again. Feeling better already!

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