Daily Mystic for Tuesday 16 April

There are always polarities in astrology. While you may be conjuring up chaos magic as Jupiter & Uranus converge in verdant green Taurus, others are settling for well, just chaos.

Yet however turbulent the atmosphere, the fact remains: the remainder of April and into early May is an exceptional zone for innovation.

The deluxe length Leo Moon augments the regenerative theme, backing audacity in art, aesthetic, romance and the pursuit of your bliss/stability etc. Polarity-wise, it can also inspire narcissists to be more creative in their attempts to secure more of your attention.

Consciously reserving more of your energy for yourself/deserving characters and maximizing this Leo Moon is the only way to deflect them. As you may know, once you engage with a Vibe Vampire – however briefly – they have you.

And remember, your self-assurance, creativity or joyous self-expression is not some strange sin – it can be a Vibe Lift to many.


Image: Richard Pousette-Dart

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