Daily Mystic for Tuesday 15 August

Tuesday is the last day of the old Moon cycle – the Dark Moon –  ahead of Wednesday’s New Moon in Leo. 

It’s always a lunar cue for letting go but this month you may be surprised (in a fabulous way) at just what you’re jettisoning.

Sure go ahead and declutter or clear an over-crammed schedule but maybe you’re also ready to drop the idea that you’re somehow cognitively incapable of certain things. Imagine that there is no reason you can’t – say -learn a technical topic, use a power drill or master a particular aspect of your craft or business.

I’m not talking about something you don’t want/need to do and have no interest in. Think more about the kinds of things that would be empowering and are of interest to you but are artificially off-limits to you.

The barriers are ready to fall so adjust your mindset and open your eyes to scan for opportunities. The New Moon (times below) is in Leo, conjunct asteroid Urania – the Muse of Astronomy & Astrology – and square Uranus in Taurus.

Now leaving aside the far too complex discussion of whether Uranus was in fact originally Urania and the various retellings of the tale, this is sublime astro for a technological/creative breakthrough.

You’ll know what it is by pondering something that’s been absolutely bugging you for the last week or so – a factor you suspect you could deal with swiftly if you only had certain acumen or the will to have a particular conversation.

That’s what this magical New Moon is all about. Think it over and be ready to rise. These are the exact times in a few places and of course, you can check the Moon Calendar for the moment in your local time.

New Moon @23° Leo

Los Angeles: Weds 16 – 02:38
New York: Weds 16 – 05:38
Universal Time: Weds 16 – 09:38
London: Weds 16 – 10:38
Dubai: Weds 16 – 13:38
New Delhi: Weds 16 – 15:08
Singapore: Weds 16 – 17:38
Sydney: Weds 16 – 19:38
Auckland: Weds 16 – 21:38


12 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Tuesday 15 August”

  1. Am choosing between two career options and these really are about ‘variations on a theme’ and ‘new direction’. Second hit of my second Saturn return was last week-end. First hit I resigned from a job that wasn’t a good fit and I knew it early on.

    The ‘variations on a theme’ option involves me learning a new technical area and my thinking until reading this was I couldn’t do it/ not having the intuitive feel for this area would be too hard as I would be drawing upon others’ expertise more than I might like to do so.

    The ‘new direction’ option involves me giving up a professional persona and career to work in someone else’s business.

    There is a significant salary difference (variations) and a change of state (variations) versus an ongoing role (new direction) and the chance for a local move (new direction).

    Tarot has given me the message that short term new direction is better while longer term variations will work out well but will involve a change again after that initial contract.

    But it is great to have options!

  2. I have done so much clearing of the gardens around my house in the lead up to this new moon and with it so many insights have been coming. I took out beautiful mature plants that produce pretty flowers and are desirable by others – as in they are for sale in garden shops. The idea of letting go of something that is 1) working 2) mature 3) desirable 4) beautiful in favour of what I really want, which is more food producing plants was necessary. As I was digging the roots out of one particular section there were roots growing on top of roots on top of roots into a “mother lode” of roots and in a moment I realised that was like my unconscious patterns that have habit stacked on top of one another. It was useful in the beginning and from the outside you couldn’t even tell that was happening but underneath it was a mess. So to clear it all out and intentionally plant a variety of fruit trees, bushes, and vines feels incredible. It was an enormous undertaking involving trips to the tip and asking a number of neighbours to borrow their green bins. I’m not done but have made tremendous strides towards what I really actually want in my garden and also the insights for my own patterns and limitations.

    1. Penelope Darling

      I’ve also been doing a lot of gardening this week! I recently made the vow to never buy or plant something again that isn’t either endemic or edible.

      1. 100% with you. Anything that is new in my garden is edible so far and I don’t have any plans for anything that isn’t, although the second best option would be something native.

    2. I’ve only got into gardening since last September when I moved into a house. I grow vegetables and enjoy eating seasonally from my garden.
      I’ve taken the route of growing flowering plants from seed and also enjoy the aesthetics of that.
      I love how gardening teaches life lessons in the most practical of ways.
      Good luck with the rest of your gardening rebuild and I hope you enjoy bumper crops as your plants mature and fruit.

      1. That’s a wonderful blessing of bumper crops! Thank you. Yes, so many lessons reflected and so many insights readily available when working in nature – it’s astounding, yet simple – and how it’s meant to be.

        I’ve yet to create an actual veggie garden in this house but I know how your own grown veggies always taste that much sweeter!

    3. I’ve also been slowly clearing the garden bed of flowers plants & herbs. I wouldn’t be doing so except it was the only way heavy equipment could access the part of the property where the septic system will be replaced, yesterday & today. Some of the plants have come indoors & some to a safe place beside my entrance. I’ve done some uprooting/settling songs & will do some rewilding songs after everything is done. It feels momentous.

      1. I love the idea of uprooting/settling songs. During the main removal I went through so many emotions myself and at some points felt bad for taking them out (Virgo Rising with Jupiter and Saturn there too). It felt so cathartic, I did at times thank them for their beauty and for holding the space but a proper song in the next part of the garden is in order for this next weekend. Thanks for sharing this idea. 🙂

  3. Wish Upon a Star

    I’m confused. Asteroid Galactica says that I have Urania conjunct my Pisces Ascendant. But this says it is conjunct the new Moon Leo, is that a transit? Or are they just two different times?

    Is this why I am feeling quite electric today? And very happy in my crazy skin today, realising how exhausting it is putting on a mask. And I have a Taurus Moon. Yikes. Time for bed.

    1. Yes Asteroid Galactica is a birth sign report so it is referring to the asteroid’s position at your birth while the Daily Mystic refers to the present day New Moon.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks Mystic. Does having this conjunct my Ascendant effect me this new moon.
        And if so how? Please anyone chime in if you want to.

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