Daily Mystic for Tuesday 14 May

As the Solar Winds subside and the Sun moves away from Uranus, we’re in post-storm mode.

If you’re a bit tremulous or emotionally erratic, I think that’s a good sign. It means you’re attuned to these mighty cycles that swirl around us at incomprehensible speeds, making a trillion intricate, layered connections across multiple mediums.

Even the slowing solar wind is – currently – 631 Kilometres a second.

I liken the geomagnetic storm/Uranus conjunct Sun scenario to one of those dionysian initiations or oracle revelations where the people involved dispense with standard physical requirements to open new channels in their mind, to push themselves creatively or decisively shake off inertia.

Not that you had to pull some sort of priestess-ritual stunt over the weekend but that it was a consciousness trip, Chaos Magic or ‘dancing’ with the Trickster. Uranian energy can inspire fantastic breakthroughs but conjunct the Sun at Solar Max? It’s physically destabilizing or psychically depleting, depending on your temperament.

The Leo Moon now in play is a fabulous recovery Muse: serenity comes through admiring or perfecting design nuances, reclaiming your hair vibe and leading with aplomb.


Image: Fleur Cowles – the founder of Flair magazine. (Capricorn, with the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Leo + Neptune on her North Node).

6 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Tuesday 14 May”

  1. Wish Upon a Star

    The fantastic breakthrough is that I need to lead.
    Seeing the lion in the pic is affirming. My progressed sun is in Leo 🦁 after all.

  2. lol… I just did the DIY butterfly cut on my hair straight out of the shower. I must be in tune with the Leo moon 🌕 🦁

  3. Everything is very intense at the moment, but I feel there is lot of healing and positive energy around as well. Love this post and feel that I have been able to make the most of the Sun-Uranus moment ⚡️

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