Daily Mystic for Tuesday 10 October

Venus arrived in Virgo yesterday, a switch to kinetic Earth after months of fixed Fire vibe. By now you’ll no doubt be pondering some definitive Venus in Leo developments or insights – whether in relationships, style, attitude or artistic focus. They’re golden, really.

Venus is now in Virgo until November 8, so will essentially be our ‘escort’ over this gnarly Eclipse Season – when things are in hyperflux, look to the ‘benefics’* like Venus and Jupiter. Both are in Earth signs and will in fact be aligned with one another on Oct 21-22, a fortunate few days for breakthrough dialogues, prosperity and harmony.

Additionally, Venus in Virgo is friendly with all the Outer Planets at the moment – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, as well as Mars in Scorpio shortly. So if in doubt, think magical practicality – if you can find a simple, non-overwrought explanation or solution for something complex, take it.

Romantically, Venus in Virgo means that subtle micro-gestures are extremely effective – remembering things, for example. Think also cute feet, green fragrance and/or bonding over books.

It’s a good time to nuance your care – for yourself and others – whilst narrowing your focus to the things you can do something about.


*The Sun, Moon or any planet can be beneficial but the thing about Venus + Jupiter is that they basically always are.

Image: Ulrike Ottinger

4 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Tuesday 10 October”

    1. Yes, Pisces – linked to Virgo as the opposing sign – rules feet. So with Venus in Virgo opposing Saturn in Pisces, the focus could be on feet 🩰

  1. Thank you for the insights, Mystic. It is good to know that Venus has entered Virgo, to help us through the eclipse season… It will conjunct my natal Jupiter in Virgo in a little while, which seems like it could be soothing…

  2. Feels like a good time to be moving house. Started packing yesterday and will be in my new digs by the start of November.

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