Daily Mystic for Thursday 9 November

Mercury is in Sagittarius from November 9/10* until December 2!

This is always a candid and upbeat placement for the Messenger God and the extra Fire element (Saggo) will help to balance the astro-scape.

Most happily, Mercury will be in a friendly, opportune sextile to Venus in Libra from November 13 to 18 – a fantastic phase for discussions, dating, creating, mating and progressing commercial arrangements.

For the first 48 hours in Saggo, it squares Saturn but if a vexing fact or realization comes with this, the extended Mercury-Venus alignment that follows suggests a smooth resolution or unexpected benefits.

*Mercury is in Sagittarius from 6.25 AM Universal Time on November 10 but please see the Moon Calendar for the exact time in your zone.

Image: Samuel Palmer

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