Daily Mystic for Thursday 9 May

The Gemini Moon is rightly renowned for being flippant (in the best way) and evocative of ingenuity.

The first 12 hours of this one will also be ultra-informative. The Moon trines Pluto in Aquarius and if you’re tuned into trends & zeitgeist cues, you can get a whiff of Uranus in Gemini from July 2025.

Think about the changes of 1996 when Uranus arrived in Aquarius – aka ‘the internet’ for a sense of the incoming vibe. Notice niche news and the more subtle undercurrents. If it’s got a press release, it’s not Uranian.

We have several more days of the potent Uranian vibe with all of its restless inspo and turbulent emotions but the Gemini Moon will make it easier to spin off some of the tensions. Trend-spotting is not just an idle diversion, it can aid your planning and help you avoid putting too much energy into paradigms that are already starting to morph.

Reminder: Pluto is Retrograde which will take it back into the very end degrees of Capricorn this September/October. After that, Pluto is in Aquarius for the long haul. In terms of trend-spotting, Pluto arrived in Capricorn more or less on the same ‘schedule’ as the Global Financial Crisis.

Economically, a lot can happen between now and the end of the year – can the workarounds and fiscal ‘innovations’ established at the start of Pluto in Cap sustain themselves into 2025 and beyond? Personally I don’t think so and if you recall your last (or a current!) Pluto transit, you know how authenticity always wins out in the end.

So if you’re fed up with some of the grand irrationalism in the system at the moment, it’s evolving, I’m certain of it. For definitive change, watch Sept/Oct.

And monitor this Gemini Moon for signs of the new things emerging!

Image: Alexander Calder

3 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Thursday 9 May”

  1. Well I must have been channeling the zeitgeist today as I confronted my own self sabotage tendencies masquerading as the enemy from without.

    Got completely taken out by what I thought was a cyber security breach of twelve years ago. It’s an old story that I couldn’t let go of because I still believed that someone else bore the responsibility for what happened.

    I had taken responsibility for letting someone access my accounts and devices but I hadn’t fully grasped how complex the issue was technically and how limited by lack of experience and technical expertise I was by comparison.

    My determination to regain autonomy over my devices and accounts was driven by emotional distress and irrationality which made for some self inflicted losses and a whole lot of seething. Really self destructive behaviour and quite difficult to own up to. I’m glad I did though. The tech support guy was full of empathy when I said I honestly didn’t know if I was being paranoid or merely observant. He acknowledged that the thing I was struggling with did happen but probably not to normies like us. Fair point. What would the attacker have to gain – especially after twelve years? He said it happens to Taylor Swift and politicians and that the measures I was taking would be helpful in that scenario and not at all unfounded. But was it really a big deal if my emails would not sign or encrypt by default?
    I mean – I guess not. But isn’t that the point of proprietary software?
    Shouldn’t it encrypt given the scaremongering and coddling combo that our device peddlers do?

    He asked if unexplained withdrawals were being made from my bank accounts and I realised that all the money and time I’ve lost over this issue has in fact been stolen by me. From me. But also by me.
    I could have been in a park with dogs the entire time.

    After a day of neglecting my body and feelings and need for human connection I felt even less inclined to care for myself in the way that I would were I feeling creative and confident. I felt such a sense of loss for the creative projects and a decade of curated content I have burned down. And sad because I just did it again. Trying to purge my account from the malicious server that probably doesn’t exist and is more likely to be a technical error on my part.
    Tough day.

    Lots of emotional growth- profoundly Uranian

  2. Love today’s bulletin. I’m so curious about the new era that is coming in, with Pluto in Aqua and Uranus in Gem. I’m looking out daily for early signposts of the upcoming era. Especially interested in the new esthetics that will appear, they should be so completely different from Pluto in Cap / Uranus in Taurus / Neptune in Pisces. I think the world will be unrecognizable visually from the world we now live in, in a few years’ time 🌈

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