Daily Mystic for Thursday 9 Feb

As the Moon moves into Libra for a few days,* it may be tempting to ascribe indecision or relationship polarities to, you know, Libra-ness.Β  But no! The Libra Moon, supported by Mars, is magnificent and low-key genius for restoring nutritional balance, intuiting what you need to tweak something/a formula and aesthetic/skincare.

It also makes the Venus-Uranus vibe more notable. There is, however, a celestial contradiction between Scorpio/Plutonic energy and an accentuated Aries presence. It’s tricky to reconcile and can lead to the strange sensation that you’re perpetually missing or forgetting something.

Team Scorp is repped by Neptune trine Psyche in Scorpio and Mercury conjunct an increasingly potent Pluto – Water signs flock together and anyone inclined toward investigative sleuthing kicks it up a notch. Chill, still focus can yield profound insights but if you can’t score that sort of space, emotions can stagnate.

The Aries contingent is Mars (ruler of Aries) sextile rogue Chiron + Queen Juno in Aries and creative flame Vesta newly in Aries. Aries and people strong in Mars vibe are particularly likely to be re-wowed by their ability to make practically anything happen with pure chutzpah.

This is most apparent until Saturday and while it may feel intuitively right to try and do a little bit of both vibes, success comes faster if you simply pick the one closest to your natural temperament and go for it.

And, don’t try to force Fire to be Water or vice versa.


*The Moon is in Libra for 58 hours from 8.47 AM Universal Time Thursday – see the Moon Calendar for the time in your zone.

Image: Snoopy – It’s Magic, Charlie Brown

3 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Thursday 9 Feb”

  1. What to do when you have an Aries rising but Mars is in 8th house in Scorpio? Time to flit from vibe to vibe as I intuit?

    1. I guess so, maybe as you live it all the time you’re used to it – adept even …? I’m Leo sun square Scorp moon so also *blessed with this steamy vibe natally 😊
      Currently Pluto opp my mercury for eons … eeeeww 😎

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