Daily Mystic for Thursday 8 June

Venus, currently shining ultra-bright as the Evening Star, is square the Moon’s Nodes until the weekend. While squares – 90° angles – are technically pushy and can be challenging, Venusian squares are far less so.

In fact, it’s the sort of vibe that tilts creative, romantic and aesthetic decisions into a distinct yes/no. Many people will have far stronger feelings on Venus-topics such as their relationships, artistic tastes or image than they usually would.

With this in mind –

(1) Realize that key characters may well be approaching a definitive moment – particularly in relationships and adjust demeanor accordingly. Or, step out of the way.

(2) Don’t try to talk anyone in or out of a flirtation, haircut, affair, style morph, fresh artistic direction – they’re probably reading off a variety of signals. This could be amusing if they’re a friend but tricky if you’re in a business partnership with someone wavering.

(3) If you’re the one considering a Venusian Vibe shift, the astro is ultra-rad for it. But bear in mind that from June 20, Venus is in the shadow of her retrograde – that is, people are prone to change their mind around decisions made from then on.


Image: Alessandro Keegan

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