Daily Mystic For Thursday 7 July

If you’re scheduling ahead or taking advantage of this Libra Moon to recalibrate, here are some useful dates – you can check the exact time on the Moon Calendar if you like but none of these require down-to-the-minute timing for success.

*The Full Moon on July 13/14 is good for growth insights or new money – it’s in Capricorn and favourably aligned with Uranus + the Moon’s Nodes. It’s very ‘fresh concepts for a new era’ in tone and it supports the innovators.

*August 16 to 20 is Venus trine Jupiter – epic for launches, audacity, daring romance plays and celebrating relationships. Think lucky, ebullient and extra-affectionate.

*Mars will be in Gemini from August 20 until March 25 2023!  The actual Mars Retrograde phase runs from October 31 until January 13. This will be a fantastic era for words + thinking + learning – not at all good for charging into battle or a dispute. If you have a problematic person in your life or a situation that could become combative, aim to reach agreement well before the actual Retrograde if possible.

*Pluto in Aquarius – March 23, 2023! The current end-of-era atmosphere is frenetic and stressful but the upcoming Pluto vibe means that your ‘weirder’ ideas are probably the more realistic ones.


Image: “Strange Particles” newly discovered at CERN.

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