Daily Mystic for Thursday 30 March

A Leo Moon* is imminent and while they occur every month, they’re more intense this year and even hotter from now. What’s up and how can you maximize this phenom?

(1) Lilith aka the Lunar Apogee is in Leo for most of the year – the Lunar Apogee point is the most far-out the Moon can be without totally breaking free. The Leo Moon connects with Lilith/this far-out point every month and will be ultra-distant from Earth.

(2) The opposite phase, when the Moon is close to Earth, is when the Moon moves the tides and – some would say – emotions, bodily fluids, Qi and more. The astrological Moon reflects connection to land, family and traditional or habitual rhythm, for better or worse. So this year’s Leo Moons are outrageously detached.

(3) The first few hours of every Leo Moon till mid-year will oppose Pluto – in fact, the first six hours of the Leo Moon that’s about to start are the first alignment to Pluto in Aquarius. Recall that Moon-Pluto alignments spark passion and control-dramas – tune into this one and detect the upcoming trends.

(4) Venus is going to be in Leo for a super-long stay mid-year (June 5 to Oct 9) and will also be making significant connections to Lilith AKA the Lunar Apogee. Again, the Leo Moons preview this coming attraction.

(5) It’s a year of Solar Maximum (the Sun rules Leo) and Lunar Extremes – the Moon will be ultra-high and low in the sky, adding to the dramatic backdrop for Luna in Leo.

Put these all together and you’re looking at a bold freedom break generated by classically Leonic talents – performance, cinema, design, art, music, self-actualization and more.

It’s hell on relationships that rely on cramping one or both of the partner’s style to maintain stability but brilliant for potent creative collabs. If you’re a natal Leo Moon than self-expression has never been more paramount yet you’re also more likely than ever to encounter people who can match your energy and appetites.

For people of any zodiac sign, Sun, Moon or whatever – this is a superb time to prioritize the development of original concepts and it all starts with this Leo Moon, the first of many such wild, arty rebel lunar zaps.


*The Leo Moon starts at 22.31 Universal Time Thursday – see the Moon Calendar for the time in your area – and it goes for just under 60 hours.

Image: Franco Rubartelli – Veruschka 

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