Daily Mystic For Thursday 29 September

Venus is in Libra from 7:49 AM Universal Time today* until October 23.  This innately harmonious influence blends brilliantly with Mars in Gemini, enhancing helpful dialogue and creating a more spacious atmosphere for situations that may have gotten a little crammed up.

Is it enough to spark peace or even diplomacy? It’s unlikely to compete with the heavier grind of the Saturn-Uranus square (most intense till Oct 6) or the de-leveraging of Pluto at the end of Capricorn. But still, you never know.

October 18-19 is Venus trine Mars exact btw and then the Sun sits alongside Venus for over a week. More in the upcoming Monthly Horoscopes but it’s a mighty fine alignment for lovers, would-be lovers or dating with intent.

Venus in Libra is broadly brilliant for rebalancing, aesthetic moves and regaining your poise. This Venus is the Queen of Composition – whether you’re composing a fragrance, lyrics, your emerging persona or sharp retort.


*As always, please check the Moon Calendar for the time in your zone.

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