Daily Mystic For Thursday 28 July

“Occultists still speak of the astral body as an invisible double, having forgotten the word’s original connota-
tion of starlight…”

Barbara Walker

Living in a culture as accelerated, strange and high-pressure as our current paradigm is undeniably demanding. As I write, it is the very end of this lunar cycle – the Dark Moon – a time when many people feel sharply aware of their deficits or vulnerable areas.

So in case it helps, here are two hopefully illuminating points!

(1) Remember that the end of an era – Pluto in Capricorn in this case – is typically turbulent. There is more on all this in my Future Everything astro-rave but succinctly: some scenes, industries, power-bases and ideas are in decline and others in emergence. It’s difficult to perceive the terrain at the moment but if you can retain your center, it becomes easier. Naturally you want to try and position yourself appropriately for the new era but it’s not like there’s a protocol you missed – it’s a live and evolving scenario.

(2) Magic is more – not less – tangible and accessible in such times. Really. The quote about the astral body above is a reminder that the more advanced the technology scientists use to scry the skies, the more it’s apparent that we’re surrounded by wildly beautiful and inconceivably intricate stellar, galactic – whatever – life forms.


PS: In case you missed the alert on the Daily Horoscopes page, there will be no Daily Horoscopes from August 1 to 7 as I am moving house. I am also hoping to take my first day off this year! The Personal Daily Horoscopes, Daily Mystic emails, Weekly + Monthly Horoscopes will continue as normal over those days – I apologize in advance for any inconvenience!

2 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Thursday 28 July”

  1. Exactly this. Timely reminder.

    This dark moon has been like wading through treacle. Yay for a fire moon igniting my Sun.

    Uranis NN convergence is exaxt conjunct Asc. Isn’t presenting as I anticipated so far. Given the two players and these times I have kept my theories and themes loose. I am however unable to sleep and literally sparking mundane objects. If that is the extent of the magic I’ll add despair to the list of things I am alchemising.

    Hope your house move is smooth.

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