Daily Mystic For Thursday 25 August

Snark Alert:

The Virgo Sun and Mars in Gemini are square one another for the next five days.

A ‘square’ is a 90° angle between two factors – it is more provocative and adversarial than other aspects but it also drives change + awareness.

So why the alert? This square is in Mutable signs, both ruled by Mercury – it means that enmity or disputes can escalate fast. It’s great for making speedy changes and ingenuity, especially regarding paradigms that you feel have been stuck forever.

But situations can shift quickly, without notice and people are incredibly unpredictable or defensive. Not only that, as Mars is in Gemini for months – rather than the usual weeks – a confrontation could settle in and take ages to resolve.

So stay on high snark alert, don’t push edgy people without good reason and beam your focus toward the ingenuity end of things. If you can ‘fix’ something and then move quickly on: hanging around to prove a point would blight the genius potential of this alignment.

Also, anyone who needs ‘points proven’ is going to be completely oblivious to even your finest rhetoric or logic, sad but true.


1 thought on “Daily Mystic For Thursday 25 August”

  1. Mystic, I’m back and how I’ve missed you. I have been a member since 2017 and this year my membership expiration was at the end of December so I tried another membership for 6 months. Then I tried to pull from multiple different sources, Currently I subscribe to at least 10 astronomical emails. Sort of started as research, I’m a multiple Virgo so I attribute that to me wanting more information, and not being able to give it up. I could give them all up.
    I missed your style, your deep knowledge, your humor and the quick Tarot readings. So I’m back and this is the best report of this weekend I’ve seen. 
    I should have had this information on Thursday but here it is Sunday morning and now everything makes sense. What a weekend! 
    Thank you and I hope you’re healthy and happy, now I need to catch up on what I’ve missed. I’m so happy to be back. 
    Thank you! Blessings in this Virgo New moon.

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