Daily Mystic for Thursday 25 April

Mercury is turning Direct! This is the point where you’ll soon be delighted you weren’t more strident about something.

And, if you’re going to pull a heroic journey stunt based on your findings over the last three weeks, the core themes are becoming obvious now.Β 

Mercury has been aligned with the Moon’s Nodes since April 21 and will be until April 30.Β 

If you have the chance to run with a particularly promising discovery, dialogue or realization, do it. Yes, that’s despite logistics hassles or the difficulty of explaining your fresh protocol.

This week’s new beginnings are significant and note that Mars is about to be in Aries, accelerating everything.

Reminder: Classic Mercury Retro glitchy things and faux-pas are most likely to happen as it’s about to turn direct so vibe-check any impulse until the weekend.


7 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Thursday 25 April”

  1. Penelope Darling

    The last 24 hours of Mercury retro have been filled with people rescheduling and changing plans. I have decided to remain aloof and not react until the dust has settled.

  2. Saturn is almost precisely conjunct my Natal Saturn for the second time in my life. Am feeling excited about this era. Nice time for Mercury to go direct #saturnreturn

  3. Come on Mercury, get moving forward! πŸš€ Few things seem to be as unnatural as Mercury (or Mars, for that matter) moving backwards in the sign of Aries! It is the ultimate frustrating factor and I will be so happy when it is over πŸ˜ƒ

      1. Hmmm cranky men!! Lol!
        Reminder to self, this is pivoting right now thankfully, me with my scorp moon feeling a little frazzled … all good, it’s a sunny day

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