Daily Mystic For Thursday 23 June

Cool news: Venus is about to be in Gemini* – elevating low levels of elan and romantic or creative confidence. Apart from a breezier attitude and aerated flirtations or rapport, guess what else Venus in Gemini is good for?

Options. The end of Pluto in Capricorn and all that came with it makes for a high-pressure economy and huge stakes geopolitical environment. While it can seem to narrow your prospects, Venus in Gemini goes the opposite way. There is never only one way out – or in – whatever.

And the lighter vibe in general inspires cool conversations and swift pivots from people/things you thought were more stuck. It’s an agility enhancer. It also means that micro-shifts in appearance, scent, artistic tools etc generate macro results. Flip something small and notice the vibe shift!


*Venus arrives in Gemini on Thursday at 00.34 Universal Time, staying until July 17/18.

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