Daily Mystic For Thursday 2 November

The Sun is opposite Jupiter and Venus is opposite Neptune! These are benign oppositions – the kind that give rise to excessive fancies, overly fond messaging splurges, the desire for super-nice things or a new kind of luxury and magical realism applied to ones financial limitations. 

The annoying thing about this is not the urges in themselves – no doubt your taste is fabulous at the moment – but the limits that are becoming more apparent as Saturn gets closer to turning Direct on Saturday.

Yet Saturn essentially spends all Oct and Nov stuffing around the Zero degrees of Pisces – if you’re not utterly deluded, you could happen upon a fantastic source of funding/way around a mundane obstacle over the next three days.

There are also three easy, fun ways to work with the benevolent angle of these oppositions to Jupiter and Neptune:

(1) Observe how others behave toward you as people of interest will be more inclined to express themselves or – if you’ve captivated someone, they’ll show it.

(2) Visualization – yes, we all know it must come with professionalism, grind, focus etc – but this but this astro is superbly supportive of creative meditations, ritual and visualization.

(3) Housewitchery: Think ‘castle’ even if you’re feeling cramped or stretched by circumstances – as in polish things and beautify as if your house/a room/your desk were in fact the palatial sanctuary of your dreams.

These all sound minor and they’re simple but with this astro they can also generate a tangible vibe lift and move energy in your favor.


Image: Chateau De Brissac

7 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Thursday 2 November”

  1. I’m loving your tips, Mystic, and the November scopes are tops!

    You connect us to the magic and the potential in the mundane. xo

  2. Thank you for the practical magic advice, Mystic! We are heading for a weather storm tomorrow here in my country while it is also storming in my professional environment. In the midst of all this, the thought of beautifying my house as if it were a castle is strangely soothing…

  3. Housewitchery; think castle 🧚‍♀️
    I love the astral magic reading and particularly that you recommend making changes slowly to better understand their effect. My Virgo sun loves a measured approach. Home is indeed a castle.
    After nearly a decade of being in places I was miserable, albeit by choice I am living somewhere I feel comfortable and happy.
    Doing it up at a glacial pace and enjoying the minimalist lifestyle. My father had an emergency heart operation a few days ago and fortunately I had made peace / amends/ established a relationship with his wife and she has kept me updated with everything. He survived but needs another one and will be in hospital a while longer.
    It’s all changed now hasn’t it?
    I called him to chat. Was awkward and he pretended he was busy (in a hospital bed) lols okay dad. Bless him. So yeah. Saturn being a bit Saturn-y lately huh. Welcome Venus, Neptune and Jupiter- please come in.

    1. Sorry to hear about your father’s health condition Invicta. So good that you had made your peace with his wife and that this is no obstacle to communication. And to have a stable home as a base is a blessing. Best of luck for your father’s next operation 🙂

    2. Blessings! Lots of love to you and family.
      Pretending to be busy in a hospital bed – love – he’s touched and awkward. You are a treasure and a queen paying her respect. Xxxx

      1. Awe thank you Millie.
        I think he was nervous and the call was stressing him out a little. Anyway he’s survived the second one, was awake for all of it and watched it on a large television screen. He called me today and it was very sweet. I was so emotional talking with him actually and I’m very glad he’s okay.

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