Daily Mystic for Thursday 2 May

You can read more about this in the Monthly Horoscopes but FYI Mercury is about to move out of the Retrograde shadowzone. You’ll notice all manner of announcements being sprung and mysteries solved in the days surrounding May 6.

If you’re tracking a particularly vital situation that started or intensified on the March Equinox (March 20-21), the whole deal is unlikely to be clear until the 6th. Even if you’ve made up your mind, there may still be more info to emerge.

Mars sextiles Pluto for the next five days – think maximum motivation and self-determination amidst the psychological churn of Pluto turning Retro.

Check the Moon Calendar to see if the upcoming nine hour Void Moon in Aquarius affects you – ie: if you’ll be awake and buzzing around then. If yes, then note that it’s a good Moon for clever ideas or realizations that come out of utter objectivity but not so hot for relationships and talking about feelings.

Subconsciously or not, everyone will seek detachment.


Image: Nicholas Roerich

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