Daily Mystic For Thursday 18 August

As some of you may recall from previous posts on the topic – linked below, along with some mind-blowing resources if you’re in the mood for research – we are approaching Solar Maximum.

There is an 11-cycle of Solar highs and lows that correlates with Jupiter and perhaps Saturn, Uranus + Neptune. The highs see more sunspot activity, higher solar winds and geomagnetic storms like the one about to zap us.

They’re absolutely an astrologically relevant, cosmobiological phenom but ridiculously, the scientists and ‘magical’ people often don’t speak or respect one another’s take.

There is never an exact time given for these sorts of storms – it’s broad because the sun flares + solar winds that spark the geomagnetic and frequency fuqery are unpredictable but at the time of writing, this one was anticipated to reach Earth six hours either side of Noon Universal time Thursday.

I have two distinct thoughts regarding this – (1) It would be the perfect cover for a cyber-attack because the army/navy would have plausible deniability – “Who us? The Solar Storm clearly knocked out the grid and now we’re going in to render aid.” Or “sorry to hear about your satellite…nasty space weather.”

(2) That it’s a potent opportunity to converge your focus and amp up awareness – like a galactic eclipse. Some people are more sensitive to frequency and electromagnetism than others but expect to feel ultra-conscious of the different elements within and around you.

Here are two posts from the archives with more info:

The Astrology of Solar and Geomagnetic Storms

Solar Flares & Geomagnetic Flux Management Tips

And mind-blowing science info:

How Geomagnetism Affects Humans

Super-Cycles of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus + Neptune + the Nodes Influence...well, I won’t try to summarize this. It’s a dense read but worth it.

Magic IS real.



Image: Alexander Calder – Modern From The Start

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  1. I’ve been feeling this albeit unidentified (again) until reading this dm. That last article bookmarked for more time.

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