Daily Mystic for Thursday 18 April

If you’re in hyper-flux, alternating between energy-flops or dismal morale and the distinct conviction that you have what it takes for record-breaking speed-regeneration, brilliant.

The Jupiter-Uranus convergence is rare and genius-evoking yet also erratic. It’s not a steady, even flow of energy and it’s perfectly possible that the fantastic breakthroughs come via the fluctuations or extreme, surreal restlessness…not in spite of them.

It’s full-on for the rest of April but as this alignment is exact this weekend, the breakthrough insights/ideas/developments are most likely to come in the next few days. And no, not through diligence or planning, that’s Saturn or Mars on a sensible mission.

Whatever your imminent expansion, bolt of luck (yes, like lightning) or clever concept, it will come in a flurry of fuqery. Or as an aha moment during an otherwise ridiculously banal interchange.

So if you’re keeping crazy hours or entertaining wild aspirations, this is all that.

It may also be geomagnetically interesting, I have a theory that you can tell the people with magical blood or with predominantly outer-planet influences in their astro because they feel fantastic when the X-Ray & Proton flux is high.


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Image: Mamoru Shimochi

8 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Thursday 18 April”

  1. Exhausted and as Jupiter and Uranus have both just moved into my sixth house- where I have natal Saturn it’s been prudent to get blood tests done. My kidney function is abnormal and explains the weakness and soreness and tingling in extremities I’ve been experiencing for years with increasing intensity. My digestion is poor and considering how fastidious I am about diet and exercise none of my symptoms make sense in an allopathic model. When I look at it through a holistic model or even esoteric everything does though. Ugh. I need heat. And grounding. Root chakra and sacral – time to heal from childhood trauma

    1. Ah, that can be a long journey, I’ve found, with layers and layers. I hope you can find all the nourishment and care you need, Invicta. Those same chakras are in play for me for years now.

  2. I’m exhausted but lit up, crawling through taffy but glide walking just above the surface, depending on the hour.

  3. Expansion in a flurry of fuqery – great trademark-Mystic summation of this crazy month and these times! I’m very interested in this convergence – it’s technically in my 12th house as a late-Taurus rising, and it’s opposite my Mars-Venus midpoint which always seems to be a factor in big life shifts. I have been tired; I walk 5 miles every day and yesterday I was asking myself, do I need to start taking a recovery day one day a week? Because I feel tired instead of energized by it. Also my futurist/physicist dad would’ve turned 97 years old on the 19th, he’s been gone a long time but I have definitely been talking to the ancestors of late.

    1. Exhausted here too, my sleep has been all over the shop. I found the comment about your dad and talking to the ancestors interesting, I had a ‘big’ dream about my long-gone dad last night. It was rather lovely, we had a fabulous hug. I hope JUp-Uranus brings something wonderful for you 🙂

      1. That sounds like a beautiful dream/hug, lovely indeed. I don’t know why, but I’ve just randomly come across several interesting essays or books lately on calling on your ancestors, inviting them in as compassionate spirits, letting them know they’re not forgotten, talking with them, and asking them for help, in general or in a specific area they were good at. Very interesting!

  4. Ahhh! I’d love to hear more about your last theory regarding geomagnetism and outer planet placements. I seldom feel wiped out/ strung out by solar flare hits. I actually feel clearer than I have in a long time. Each outer planet is conjunct a personal planet. I am not feeling hyper-flux or erratic but I am feeling some age but there are no close aspects to the J/U contact for me.

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