Daily Mystic For Thursday 17 March

Thursday is Virgo Moon Central and yes, it is waxing to be Full on Friday.

I know that this is counter-intuitive but you know how in calmer times, we’d talk about smoothing out the Full Moon tensions?

I’m thinking that as the times are experimental, we could try some different tacks with lunar flashpoints like this. Select your ‘side’ and take that as your stance for Thursday and Friday.

Choose from (1) Super-Virgo – push yourself with editing, coding, cleaning, scheduling, and/or planning and organizing. Add in Nature Virgo with sheaves of wheat for decor and lavender muffins. It can be therapeutic and it will spring deep realizations, courtesy of the trine to Pluto, Hekate, and Uranus.

(2) Reclaim your magical ultra – Jupiter and Neptune are converging in Pisces for the first time in centuries and this makes the next month optimal for a consciousness expansion. Why not start now? Meditate, begin your dream diary again, read some of the cool magical books I recommend in my reccies section, plan an Equinox ritual, add one micro magical element into a daily ritual such as cleaning your teeth. Operate in grand singularity swoops of huge focus, not the Virgo style of multiple things at once.

Both of these options are great and if you make yourself choose just one, you will be less likely to flip around in ambiguity.


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Going to be a clear night when the full moon shines through the gigantic maple tree directly into the lounge glass door and window.
It is truly a buzz, always feel blessed by the moon goddesses when that happens.
Shall be voice-calling the Virgo, very first paramour circa ’64, living interstate this eve.
His high tech hearing earpiece fitted at last so won’t have to loudly repeat myself up to 4 times, so he shall be able to hear my dulcet elocution-ised voice. To show what he missed back in ’71.
(A smidgeon of revenge at work, just a pin prick of it, of course, being the enlightened bitch i am).

Compatible, hell no!
He thought was like the road runner on steroids when together.
He lazy except around football. Me a super organiser who like ballet.
I worked in fashion. He an industrial chemist.
Me a new Mini Cooper. He vintage Norton that broke down constantly.
Am convinced he was the inspiration for title of ‘Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’.
We like the same books and music. He astronomy, me astrology.
We are an item after nearly 60 years. By default.
He physically can’t be disloyal, one of the reasons we separated when i was just a filly.
He once asked if he was the reason i never married. Laughed and said no.
It was.
We have visited each other every decade and telephoned every 3 months.
Now it is weekly to keep him alive.
An Earth sign with a Fire sign mmmmm…alas don’t know the Virgo’s DOB, so must believe it was Sagg or his Venus there, coz my only explanation is my Mars in Virgo.
The Virago gets the Virago just where she wants him.
One never forgets their first long term relationship.
It’s written in the stars.

Wish Upon a Star

Oh how sweet Pegusus. I like the sound of him. I like earthy men.

Weekly to keep him alive. Please don’t hold back with your feelings.

Wish Upon a Star

I’m going for a healing crisis ! Why? Because the transitting sun is conjunct my Chiron in Pisces 29 and something degrees. And I’m feeling it. Wrote away last night in my diary. Yesterday I was paranoid, regretful and in victim mode. Today I am on the right track. Seeing it as an opportunity to heal core issues. A trine to Pluto and hekate. I’ll take that.
And some healing magic.

Wish Upon a Star

love the book list by the way.


‘I’ve Given up my Search for Truth’ ….And Looking for a Good Fantasy’.
Actually StarWish it’s the title of a book called ‘Pot Shot’s’ by Ashleigh Brilliant.
His other one is ‘All I Want is a Warm Bed, and a Kind Word…and Unlimited Power’.
Healing sometimes comes in the form of a laugh or a smile :-)x

Wish Upon a Star

I will look those up.


Consider it done StarWish 🙂

Wish Upon a Star

Thanks Pegasus.


Penelope Darling

Let’s go super Virgo!


Surprising no one by choosing super Virgo… coding like a maniac all week and made a sprint planning board for my wedding planning lol.

Have a last minute invite to a VERY magical gathering at the home of a collaborator of John Lilly on Sunday so I’m hoping to drop supervirgo mode then and really enjoy vibing with some legends!


I’ll go for number one.
I FINALLY planted digitalis in my garden, and i am so proud of myself.
I dont know why practical action feels like when you’re trying to run in a dream for me!
Hekate on my ascendant v soon 💫💫💫

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