Daily Mystic for Thursday 16 November

Wow! Yes, seriously. This is a non-ironic wow. Mars – fresh from opposing Jupiter & Uranus, squaring everything in Leo and Aquarius & general muck-raking – is in a fabulous synergy with shamanic Neptune for the next few days.

This is not an automatic cure-all for tensions but if you’re in the mood to next-level yourself, a venture or relationship, this alignment makes it easier to tap into intuitive guidance, cosmic consciousness.

In fact, after weeks of far less pleasant astral weather, this Mars-Neptune sync is part of a broader harmonious concordance – from now until Monday, the Sun aligns with this Mars-Neptune trine and Mercury and Venus will still be sextile.

This favors the making of magic, love, art and money.  Next time your inner critic pipes up, ask yourself when it last had a productive suggestion?


Image: Hilary Irons – Bee, Balm & Pink Amethyst

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