Daily Mystic for Thursday 16 May

So nobody is in the mood for this but here it is anyway: Mercury is now in Taurus – fab – and squaring Pluto, not so fab.

It’s the kind of astro that generates terse but transformative dynamics between people. And, if you resist the urge to default to something plutonic and incendiary, you can tap into new-era genius.

So the Grudge Flashpoint arrives – the Virgo Moon ensures you see it, like really see it – and it would be easy to let rip with a resentment and brimstone rave. Get through that suavely and voila the desirable metamorphosis.

This is the ideal and you have until the weekend to try it out. It’s also cool for breaking conversational or creative blocks. See who swings back in with an ‘and another thing…’ or flimsy excuse for reaching out.

Stay away from known mind-warpers and Vibe Vamps…


Image: Paul Laffoley

2 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Thursday 16 May”

  1. Oh gosh this is timely for me! I am feeling it. Irritated at the smallest of things. Sending pointed replies to Insta-bot unsolicited DMs. Wide awake last night composing ‘fuq off’ emails in my head to certain peeps. Maybe I’ll go for a run instead. πŸ˜„

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