Daily Mystic for Thursday 14 September

Everything is in flux at the moment – in both the micro and macro dimensions. Think about it – how many things are you waiting on because the other party is either opaque or uncertain? And macro-wise, the shift and churn is epochal wiith even the power-players trying to gauge which way to leap.

So don’t default into auto-guilting yourself for things. Dynamic instability is the order of the day – it’s a given with epochal, accelerated times.  This atmosphere is, however, evoking your ingenuity and audacity – guaranteed. Give yourself more credit for those traits and your latest high-speed work-around.

The most reliable astrological factor of the moment is the loose Grand Earth Trine formed by the Virgo Sun and (soon) New Moon + Pluto and Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus. Physicality, eating well, doing good things for your body, old-style basic money handling, caring for plants, animals and the environment around you are all cosmically backed and prone to delivering outsize results at the moment.

In fact, taking the focus off the things you’re ‘waiting on’ and beaming it back into earthy themes will weirdly help to invite the clarity you need.


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It is true I am waiting for many, many things to become clear. Everything feels up in the air!


I felt so exhausted today but made myself walk for an hour and weights for half an hour. Just pure Taurus determination.

Wish Upon a Star

Amazing. I had an hour and 45 min remedial massage yesterday. It had been a long time since my last massage. I really needed it and I am reaping the benefits.
Thanks Mystic from a Taurus Moon. 🙂


Think about it – how many things are you waiting on because the other party is either opaque or uncertain?” – SO MANY things! Thank you Mystic. Sounds like a good time to stay grounded.


Bless you, Mystic! You described my work to a T! We aren’t going batsh*t after all! A trip to the gym during lunch is exactly what stopped my head from spinning (and even left me with the post-workout glow)!

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