Daily Mystic for Thursday 11 April

At 12:58 Universal Time Thursday, the Moon moves into Gemini and immediately trines Pluto in Aquarius.

Check the Moon Calendar for the precise time in your realm and see the first eight hours of this Moon as an opportunity for a breakout. It’s not only because Gemini is Mutable and genius with quick-change or the known new-era vigor of Pluto in Aquarius.

The Sun, Moon and planets have been in a relatively small zone of the zodiac for weeks now – this is perfect for drill-down focus in a narrow band of your life but can also cramp your style or generate a completely artifical idea of your options.

So, the Gemini Moon scoots out in front, makes this magnificent sync with Pluto and sparks off a zillion future ‘tells’ to the receptive. This 53 hour long Gemini Moon is also an epic conversation cue – your demeanor and wit can determine the outcome of even the most dour or obligatory dialogue.


Image: Jennifer Guidi – To Protect and Hold You Up

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