Daily Mystic For Monday March 7

Happy Monday!  I have a few important announcements so I know you want to know about Monday or pure astro-intel but please bear with me:

*I currently have Covid and while I am fine, I do have some gnarly symptoms and actually took Friday + Saturday off.  This was infuriating to me as they were days that I’d set aside to complete and launch the new compatibility report, which I am really excited about. Going forward, I am still unwell but obviously, the Daily Horoscopes will continue as normal along with the Daily Mystics.

If the D.M.s are a bit shorter than usual, please try to be patient as I am technically not supposed to be out of bed and I have all the repulsive flu-like symptoms that can make focus difficult. If you had a Zoom Consult booked for this week, please check your email as I need to shift you to next week. It’s as much for you as it is for me – I love doing these and people are really getting a lot from them apparently so I don’t want to do one when I am not on top form.

*Fraudulent Imposter Alert – If you were followed or messaged by a “mystiic.medusa” on Instagram recently, it was not me. Some crooks duplicated the IG page and have been doggedly going through my followers messaging them something like “how are you doing love?” as a prelude to trying to get money.  My offerings are all on the site and I would never D.M. people with “grand rising love” – which is another line they used. I think their page was taken down but if you see it, please report!

*The artist above – Tishk Barzanji – is a new discovery: I am not sure how I did not hear of him until now but if you hadn’t either, check him out!

*And – Monday’s astro – it’s a TAURUS MOON, which is always a decent backdrop for health, serenity, and stability. At the same time, Mercury squares both Lunar Nodes (Taurus-Scorpio), suggesting elements of the past being inserted into discussions or stories that we would prefer to be more contemporary.

Geopolitically, expect more conflicting info and opinion – from a personal point of view, this is a fabulous chance to make a subtle symbolic move or gesture that represents the end of a pact you made in the past – subconsciously or otherwise – and your investment in Future You.


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feel better Mystic!


Wishing you well Mystic x


Mystic, sending healing vibes, take care of yourself ❤️


Mystic, thank you for your message even while dealing with urgent health issues.
Sending healing ❤️‍🩹 energy.


I hope you get well soon Mystic!!!! ♥️


Mystic, everyone and everything can wait. The terrain needs rest, repair and regeneration. I also suspect you are a burnt out worker in service. Sending you love and care. 🕯️☘️💌


Sending Positive thoughts and Healing Energy . Love in all it’s power is yours !

Penelope Darling

Get well soon MM!


Take care of you and may it pass quickly. Your bed is the one you want to be resting in and take the time you need.

As for the fraudsters, it’s a weird kind of compliment I suppose and no doubt your tech team will shut their shop doors despite all the love they have claim they have to give.

I spent some time wowing at that art before reading and that’s not my modus operandi.


Sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well. And hoping that you recover quickly!! Many thanks for your making life more magical! 😇

Corduroy jeans

Hi MM, Happy Birthday for this Pisces season!?? 🌻🌻💖 Am so sorry to hear of the two vibe vamps (C19 and imposters) – wishing solid gold energetic protection.. xoo

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