Daily Mystic For Monday July 3

Happy Monday!

The Capricorn Full Moon can normally be relied upon to be a nuisance, albeit a productive one. It interrupts your reverie, bubble or workflow to introduce a need-to-know factor that requires you to scramble and intercept asap.

This one* is different in that it’s harmonized by Jupiter in simpatio Earth-sign Taurus as well as asteroid Minerva – think owls, wisdom, discernment – conjunct Jupiter. Mercury is also conjunct the Sun so whatever the input, it’s rapidly processed and understood.

So this is still a surge of earthy pragmatism but chances are that it’s an opening for you to do something you’ve been wanting to do anyway. Or that that the profitable pivot is your idea, not a response to an annoying trigger.

Geopolitically it’s more gnarly, reflecting the Feb to June of 2013 when Pluto hung out at 11° Capricorn the whole time.

That wacky phase saw the global surveillance disclosures from the hyper-Gemini former NSA Analyst Edward Snowden, unprecedented robotics + stem cell inventions, the Boston Marathon attack, a meteor strike in Russia and the announcement that scientists had found fragments of an ancient ‘super-continent’ called Rodinia.


*The Full Moon is @11° Capricorn and exact on Monday at 11:38 Universal Time – See the Moon Calendar for the time in your area!

5 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Monday July 3”

  1. Sometimes I think earth-water synergies like this can be under estimated (not that this post is saying that) – to me it feels like being at peace / able to accommodate the realities of any situation for an aligned result that works. Well, ideally. Sometimes the ‘realities’ can rather suck, so that’s where a bit of fire (along with the “just deal with it” cap moon) can help for impetus!
    Maybe it helps that these aspects du jour are similar to my natal astro tho

  2. Feb to July 2013 was a challenging time with Pluto in transit, my natal Pluto and Capricorn in a trine frenzy. Mum had a stroke on Easter Sunday that year and her stage IV cancer diagnosis was in July 2013. She passed in May 2014.
    It was a time of living on minimal income with support from others as I typically spent 1 day/week in Melbourne and the rest of the time on the Gold Coast. I had started my own business in 2012 and retreating into that was a relief against this personal situation.

    So looking forward to the end of Pluto in my 8th house…

  3. Could the moon calendar be restored to its usual functionality please?
    Whereby it has a drop-down menu to choose the location, and you can check more than one location. Advance planning and mobility do feature in the lifestyles of Mystic-devotees.

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