Daily Mystic For Monday August 8

The difficult Mars-Saturn alignment is exact on 17.57 Universal Time on Sunday Night: once an aspect is exact, it’s influence is less sharp than when it is still building.

So if you’re in dispute -even with yourself – or besieged by Saturn woes (dental, debt, stiff knees and/or neck, intractable, leaden people), anticipate a reprieve.

However, give this particular alignment some buffer time before blithely blasting into candor or impulsivity. Stay extra cool and tactical until Tuesday for best results. Note that everything you learned from challenges over the last week or so will feed into a super-illuminating Full Moon later this week.

And, right now the Moon is in Sagittarius, restless and questing – it will be in orb of the Galactic Center the whole time it’s Void. If you’re up for a cosmic download/consciousness upgrade, this Void Moon is your go-to.


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