Daily Mystic For Monday August 15 2022

The merde-fest of recent weeks gives away to a much more pleasant astro-atmosphere.

Mundane scenarios are probably still there but as the Sun-Saturn opposition fades, they present less as insurmountable opposition, more as items on your “To Solve” list. Or, as the Moon is in I-live-for-momentum Aries, your “To Conquer” list.

Mercury in Virgo is harmonizing with the Moon’s Nodes till Tuesday: stand by for epic pattern recognition and sharp, genius-level insights into your history and where you intersect – or don’t – with your generation and/or culture.

In some cases, you may hear news or spark insights that serve as neat little post-scripts or ironic caveats to former scenarios. Whatever your realizations or news from the past, you can usefully integrate some of it into future plans – rapidly.


Image: Ricardo Bofill – Xanadu, Spain

1 thought on “Daily Mystic For Monday August 15 2022”

  1. Oh Mystic, I feel your pain. House moves are H.A.R.D. Work. I’ve had over 25 moves as an adult including international ones. The worst being the Movers who just didn’t show up. Followed by a series of escalated screaming messages left on the only phone number I had. Finally abandoning my packed home to a family member to sort out so I could drive 18 hours to a new city to start work the following day. Ugh. May the zen of your new home wipe the memories.

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