Daily Mystic For Monday August 1


This is juxtaposition city: settle in and get cosy with the ambiguity.

Mars  is conjunct Uranus AND the North Node: think revelations, a flashpoint and/or the opportunity to initiate an enduring revolutionary change. It is most intense for the next 72 hours but zinging around the place like a live wire until Friday.

Contradictory Thing One: Your version of revolutionary change may not align with other people’s version of revolutionary change. Your inspo levels and sense that you can make/be whatever you need are real – this is profound astro for reinventions. But the geopolitical flashpoint angle of it is gnarly.

Contradictory Thing Two: Along with the inspirational but also edgy Uranian energy, Venus and Mars are sextile. Whatever stress factors you’re combatting, something extremely promising is starting up in romance, enterprise or artistic realms. The ambiguity factor is crazy – deep change/turbulent atmosphere amid the exciting intimation of incoming fresh awesomeness.

If you know how to juggle, do it now – the very action of this exercise in co-ordination will also be good for your mind this week!


*The August Monthly Horoscopes will be posted on August 1 at 12pm Universal Time

Image: Jade Parfitt – Louis Vuitton

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