Daily Mystic for Monday 9 October

The Mars-Pluto square I warned about in the last Daily Mystic is peaking but still terse through till Tuesday/Wednesday.

Pluto is about to turn Direct and Mars moves into Scorpio soon after. Mars-Pluto squares are volatile but in this case, Pluto – the ruler of Scorpio – is extra potent and the upcoming Eclipse amplifies everything.*

So please take care out there! On the personal level, this high-tension can lead to definitive realizations and renewed resolve. The trick is to be able to function in such a turbulent environment without spluttering to a halt, having your mind scrambled by someone’s manipulative input or snapping into a templated response.

Mars is also quincunx Neptune, making meditation, dream messages and ‘inner guidance’ a subtle, lesser-known pathway to transcendental cool at this time.


*Followers of geopolitics may be interested to know that this Mars-Pluto scenario echoes November/December 1982 and subsequent developments over 1983. It’s a paradigm-alterer in its own right of course and whatever goes down around Pluto Direct (1:09 AM Universal Time, Weds 11) will be determinative.

So the Solar Eclipse in mid-October neatly squares the January 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction, suggesting more revelations around the pandemic AND this Mars-Pluto intensity is at the same degree as the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of Nov-Dec 1982. October really is peak everything. 

Image: Philippe Charles Jacquet

14 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Monday 9 October”

  1. Scorp Rising with Pluto in the 12th house. I am truly emotionally worn out from this astro. Personal. Familial. Geopolitical. It is hard to have hope for positive outcomes sometimes …

    And tomorrow is the “culmination” of a few months worth of effort (a conference I’m producing) with lots of different industry personalities and egos – so to speak.

    I will just meditate and try to be more compassionate with myself (and others), I guess. (And look forward to soaking my brains out in the spa on Thursday). Woosah.

  2. Also btw, the latest comments widget thingie will be back — or a version of it – it was creating issues but I know it’s useful and it’s not gone forever!

  3. thank you Mystic! the geopolitics are very intense right now, aren’t they. My natal Mars is at 22 Libra and as I investigate the week ahead my sources (I Ching + chart) say it might be a tough one. And with my Scorpio sun and stellium, Mars and Pluto always show up and talk to me. Tomorrow is the solar return of my first meeting a person who marked my life into Before and After 31 years ago. I came across a large bag of very well preserved and still-fragrant dried roses from that time, and not long ago Mystic said that dried flowers are not good to keep, get rid of them! So I may take them down to our rushing creek in town and float them away.

    1. this is so poignant! And committing them to water seems beautiful OR obviously if you want to keep them, do. But you know what would be beautiful? Get a new rose bush and put the old dried roses beneath it as a kind of shamanic compost – you could research the rose variety that aligns with your vibe on this?

      1. What an utterly beautiful and genius idea, and it completely resonates with me and with my memories of that before/after person (and first-meeting charts are so interesting, aren’t they?), as well as my father, who died around that same time and had a beautiful garden with 50 rosebushes. Thank you so much!

  4. Thanks so much, Mystic, for your your warning and pragmatic suggestions as always. Really feeling the intensity of this Mars-Pluto plus the Sun is squaring my moon right now and I cannot wait for this to pass. Can really see Mars-Pluto playing out globally and I’m finding it hard to not have a sense of dread in at how things could play out with our referendum in Australia this weekend, which is pretty much smack bang on the eclipse. Hoping there will be peace for all no matter what the outcome. 🙏🏻

  5. Some huge long-held family secrets have spilled into the open over the last 12 hours, illuminating previously nebulous terrain. Is this in keeping with this current astro? Pluto is currently in my 12th house.

      1. Very much so, Pluto unearths. They’re often empowering but painful insights. I may do a post about this phenom actually, also did you see the 12th house transits post a while back?

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