Daily Mystic for Monday 8 April

Can an astral atmosphere this intense be reduced to a tacky, quick-take cheat-sheet? You bet it can. What’s more, it needs to be – I’m guessing that you’re, at the very least, preoccupied and don’t have the mental bandwidth for an essay on cosmic rays or eclipse cycles.

This is the legit need-to-know/do:

(1) The new starts/fresh vibes of 2018 are up for re-development/appraisal/realization. Not as in ‘do something now’ but as in think about the cycle that began that year, your then vision and where you’re at now.

(2) All the core astrological influences are clustered in less than a quarter of the sky, evoking unreason in some, fanaticism in others and an overall far-too-hyped atmosphere. Simply avoiding these people and such attributes in yourself is a major win.

(3) Confrontation looming this week? Schedule it for the Taurus or Gemini Moon if possible but if it’s upon you earlier, draw on the spooky, stoic chic of Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces – have your desired outcome crazily clear in your mind, so clear that you have a statement, memo, adjunct agenda  – whatever – prepared and ready to go if required.

(4) Yes to bold inward declarations and realizations – no to overt hostilities or initiating disputes.

(5) The amazing Jupiter-Uranus alignment and all of it’s innovative potential will be more tangible after this Solar Eclipse.

(6) Remember that a Solar Eclipse is an extra-exact New Moon that also incorporates the Moon’s Nodes – there are two, sometimes three, every year but the longer ones that create daytime darkness in hugely populated areas generate way more media. Yes, it’s profound and edgy astrology but don’t buy the hype.


Image: Tadashi Nakayama

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