Daily Mystic For Monday 7 November

Whatever your internal contradictions, this atmosphere amps them into high-tension polarities. Likewise, minor differences within relationships can spin into epic existential spats.

In work and business, the desire to reform or restructure could seem suddenly piffling in comparison with the thrill of a full-blown demolition.

The Lunar Eclipse and accompanying astro accentuate the Taurus-Scorpio axis AKA Gaia-Pluto, the sex-money-power continuum and control dramas.

It is extremely intense and there is no “perfect” way through this spooky lunar landscape but these “tips” may help:

(1) Doubling down on possessiveness or righteousness may feel safer or more reliable but it’s not.

(2) Fantastic, extreme reform concepts could be incredible – really – and it just took this level of astro-intensity to focus your genius. But allocate time to explore them later – eclipse impulses can backfire or leave you more entangled.

(3) If you’re in dispute or pulling off a tricky transformation, maintain a calm and steady demeanor + firm boundaries.

(4) Fuq with anyone else’s stuff this week and you’re stuffed. Note: People’s definition of “mine” may be tighter than usual.

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  1. It is a strange Luna landscape and it’s level of astro-intensity is illuminating however I’ll ponder your tips about how to work through it and allocate time to explore things later.

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