Daily Mystic for Monday 6 May

You probably saw the saturnine Moon rave on the weekend but if not, it is still the Dark Moon.

Today is more tactical however – go with this concept for a cool run-up to the maximalist New Moon on Tues/Weds.

So, the Dark Moon is currently in Aries and it’s about to be Void in this sign for just over 16 hours.

Now, with the heavy nature of this Dark Moon to date, pent-up grudges from plutonic seething and Mars in action-Aries, this Void Moon could bring some instantly annoying, challenging or provocative incoming messages/news.

Your task is to – optimally – not respond until the Moon is in Taurus – ie: the Moon is not Void – or even better, until after the New Moon. It’s partly because you’ll get better results that way but also because concepts let fly during Void Moons often splutter to a halt, especially if you let them.

The other reason is because while all the above factors could inspire other people to be impulsive or peevish, you know it’s not a good Moon for you to be suave around potentially tricky matters. So let someone else make the strategic error.

Obviously if you have to react, do. But think your response through with more than the usual diligence if so.

So, this Void Moon begins at 5:57 AM Universal Time on Monday and ends at 21:42 Universal Time on Monday. Please see the Moon Calendar for the time in your zone and stay cool. After the New Moon is better for practically everything and in the meantime you could channel Mars in Aries gumption into clever, planning.


Image: Yulia Pustoshkina – I Bring Fortune

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