Daily Mystic For Monday 5 September

Welcome to Monday and its opportunity to get in ahead of Mercury Retrograde.

How? Mercury is still in orb of Mars + Jupiter: the liberating and empowering realizations or dialogue that you enjoyed in the last 72 hours were important and Monday/Tuesday is the perfect time to consolidate them.

Yes, conditions are weird for a variety of reasons but power on regardless. Just as geopolitical what-the-fuqery is part of a broader evolution, you questioning yourself or having performance anxiety is also integral to the process.

Think about it: if your path was smooth with petunias on either side of it, you had immaculate hair and you were elated by gazing at your bank account, you wouldn’t be real – you would be stock art for an insurance ad or an actor selected for your ability to portray transcendental blandness.

You are real and you’re metaphysically minded as well as pragmatic. This is not the first time you’ve had to thrive through turbulent times and today/tomorrow’s Mercury-Mars-Jupiter sync will help: it favors assertion, big ideas and not dallying in unproductive dialogue for any longer than it takes for you to type/say ‘bye.’

Or to yell into the phone “I’m losing you” as you pretend you’re driving through a tunnel, Hollywood agent style.


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