Daily Mystic For Monday 29 August

This is a weird time and as brilliantly as you may be adapting, the astro-aggravation of the last few days* can hone in on where you’re vulnerable.

Or draw your mind toward potential threats, rather than possibilities. Add in the high chance of genuinely infuriating people or dynamics and work/business pressures for the full downward funk.

So the edgiest energy dissipates by Wednesday, as Mars into a helpful, elating sync with Jupiter. Additionally, the more chronic astro-malaise, the fixed square grind of Saturn and Uranus peaks over Sept/Oct.**

Reminder: Structures, organizations, economies, countries and more are in transition, generating turbulence and uncertainty – it would be weird if you did not feel antsy or to put it another way; complacency under such conditions would be more of a worry than a bit of angsting.

You may also remember from past triumphs, escapes and phoenix stunts that they’re rarely serene at the time. That comes later and it will come again.


*Friday until Tuesday 30 August/Weds 31st – multiple gnarly square aspects, led by Mars square the Sun.

**My Future Everything Mp3 has more on this if you are interested.

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