Daily Mystic for Monday 28 August

Uranus turns Retrograde* adding extra-deluxe weirdness to an already weird few days. Here are the pertinent points:

(1) As an outer planet, Uranus spends nearly half the year retrograde so that in itself is not a big deal but the 24 hours either side of Uranus turning Retrograde or Direct can be a bit nuts. They’re often like a hyperbolic version of Mercury Retrograde. Eg: your toaster doesn’t just stop working, it generates harmonics that do something odd to the electrical wiring or appears to be picking up a signal.

Be open to the heightened ingenuity but careful with electricity and volatile people.

(2) Mercury IS actually Retrograde and Uranus turns Retrograde in trine (an easy, flowing alignment) to Mercury so the potential for weirdness and glitches is intensified. They could, however, be beneficial glitches or miscommunications. Downside: if there are benefits, you’re unlikely to reap them before October.

(3) Uranus this emphasized is helpful in an odd way as it balances out the other big deal of the moment – Saturn. If you can set your attitude to skittish and irreverent yet practical and data-informed, you may even be able to reverse or revise an onerous Saturn style of burden – a debt, for example.

(4) Culturally, anticipate some sort of intrigue, scandal or revelation around technology (yes, I know – they’re frequent these days) and its potential.

This Uranian intensity is in play from now until Weds.


*The exact moment Uranus turns Retrograde is 2:38 AM Universal Time on Tuesday morning but you can see the precise time in your timezone on the Moon Calendar – the specific time isย not that important in this case, however.

Image: 1988 Compuserve Advertisement from Omni magazine

8 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Monday 28 August”

  1. A good morning text from Qantas telling us that our international flights tmrw are cancelled but they are rebooking us. Headed to the Eisteddfod for our eldest minutes later – which ended up being an ALL DAY affair. Somehow he had been split over 2 sections, the only kid from our school who had, which then went over school pickup time so I had to race to get my youngest and bring him to watch his brother. Got text just before lunch that Qantas had rebooked us which spread over 30+ hours travel time – so 45 minutes later ended with the original flight sequence but a different day – truly they had offered an alternative that bounce through nearly all of Australiaโ€™s capital cities before heading out of the country. Now to try and get the rest sorted. Long weird day so far!

  2. Wish Upon a Star

    I just cannot concentrate today. And when I start talking I just ramble on and feel ungrounded. Thankfully I have the rest of the day to myself to be quiet and reground.
    Natally I have asteroid Urania on my Pisces Ascendant 9 degrees. And the weather is weird here in Qld, Australia hey?

    1. Me too. Also all the Uranus in Scorps ppl I know are wigging out trying to fixedly control flow. I should know – I AM one, BUT – i deliberately live like the Hermit card in Smith Waite Tarot!!! (Okay, with my precious family tucked safe in my robe pocket.) So – am applying fixed and control energy to HOUSE. WITCHERY !๐Ÿงผโšฑ๐Ÿงน๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ’ฅ

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