Daily Mystic For Monday 27 June

Happy Monday Moonwane!

The New Moon is on Wednesday at 2.52 AM Universal Time and until then, we are Dark Moon tripping.

There a zillion fabulous magical, intuitive reasons to delight in a Dark Moon – aka the last days of the Moonwane before the New Moon.

It’s when your ‘inner eye’ can perceive more clearly, like an ethereal version of night vison. Every sense is enhanced and naturally whatever you are already strong in becomes more powerful. It can be a bit much, hence the classic Dark Moon dictate to simmer down at this time.

Today and Tuesday, however, may demand action! If you have anything brewing which could potentially erupt into a dispute or confrontation, glide in and deal with it suavely ASAP. Mars in sync to Saturn right now is an opportunity to resolve gnarly scenarios before the more volatile Mars-Pluto vibe later in the week…


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