Daily Mystic For Monday 25 July

Welcome to Monday and the latest weirding, this is in list form for clarity – as otherwise it could be confusing.

(1) Mercury is square Mars: Brilliant for inertia-busting and fresh ideas but if you step into someone’s sticky little web of guilt-tripping/grift/pass-agg, you could stay longer than intended – much longer. So don’t!

(2) Venus is square Jupiter: Ginormous appetites, the desire to revitalize flaccid love scenarios via a flamboyant move and/or an intergalactic aesthetic on an earthly budget. Glide into any of these modes and you bump up against the tetchy Mars.

(3) So what can you do? Transcendental detachment and observation of how others behave under such stars. Unaware of the astro-dynamic, some people won’t realize their displaying a helpfully amplified version of where they’re at. Alternatively, work it for growth and expansion.

These influences are in effect for Mon/Tues no matter where you are on the planet.


Image: Rene Magritte – La Clairvoyance

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