Daily Mystic for Monday 24 July

Welcome to Leo Season and Happy Monday!

While this time of the solar year is always good for a forward-thrust – believe in the power of you – impetus, the effect is enhanced by Mercury, Retro-Venus, Hekate and Lilith flanking the Sun.

Mercury moves on quite quickly but the Venus, Hekate and Lilith trio are in place until October, bringing to mind the triple-goddess concept. Also, any number of ancient Goddess figures who loved lions and were often depicted with them/as them – eg: Sekhmet, Durga, Ishtar, Cybele, Rhea et al.

The Sun aligns with Hekate until Wednesday, making the next few days ideal for getting your magical ‘house’ in order and gilding the mindset and morale that will power you through a potentially victorious Leo Season. And if you have any sort of a goddess consciousness, the trio in Leo is a fabulous omen.

The Moon in Venus-ruled Libra today augments the Venusian Vibe, aiding diplomatic initiatives or lover’s overtures and logical, objective planning.  Magical rationalism is the concept du jour.


Image: Lion De Persepolis – Van Cleef & Arpels – Gold + Chalcedony

8 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Monday 24 July”

  1. I have Circe conjunct my Moon and Vesta conjunct my Nnode. All of my goddess consciousness is still very Saturnian, bogged by a deep sense of nurturing and responsibility. I want this explosive trio version currently in my 12th, to set me free – mentally and spiritually.

  2. The Lion & The Centaur

    When Hekate moved to Leo last week I had three subsequent nights of haunted house -themed nightmares. One had a tower that had an angry warrior goddess type of spirit standing next to the door. I was called in as a some sort of medium/ghostbuster and I took one look at the warrior priestess/goddess and said “this is above my paygrade”. Well, my lovely Taurean mother had had an idea to come to our apartment with her own keys to “organize” while we were sailing last week. I just found out on Friday. I don’t know if the goddesses were looking out for me, informing me about intruders.

      1. Heya! I did email MM, but I guess its in the huge pile of random correspondance. Want to share a burner email/ temporary P.O. box here so I can send your cards?

        1. Yes, I dropped support a line too but didn’t hear back. Shoot me an email at loveisanaction[at]tutanota[dot]com and I’ll send over my mailing address, as well as my normal email. And big thanks for following up <3

          1. (Oh, and while that address is up here, any NYC MM members who’d be interested in a park meet-up or some such are welcome to drop me a line too 😉

            1. Hey, I got an email from Geo – MM’s lovely assistant (Thank you, Geo! Don’t want to crowd your inbox but you are awesome!) that you have my details. I also sent an email to you on this address. Did you receive it?

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