Daily Mystic for Monday 24 April

Scars signal skin in the game.”
Nassim Taleb

Happy Monday!

As you may recall, a significant chunk of April features Saturn in sync with the Moon’s Nodes – you can read/re-read the Daily Mystic that mentions it here.

So we’re nearly done with it but now the Sun crossing the North Node turns this into a much more significant config – add Mercury Retro + Eclipse Season for a profound scenario.

For the next five days, old scars itch and while sure you may need rosehip oil or more vitamin A, whatever – this is a metaphysical phenom, felt on multiple levels. In a poignant synchronicity, people or scenarios and even the words you skim by can also twang these healed-over vulnerabilities.

But that’s just one facet of this astro – it can also materialize as distinct help or luck to help you create the future you desire, as well as a clearer picture of just that.

Finally, rad planet Uranus was conjunct the Moon’s Node in July 2022 and into early August. With Uranus is now back at that pivotal point, the next three weeks pick up and rapidly develop futuristic or genius concepts  from that innovative time.

If you made an innovative or technically weird move approximately 8-9 months ago, expect to enjoy a beneficial pay-off within the month! It may not have felt like it at the time but it was an innovative stunt that helped to bring you nearer to where you need to be.


Image: Tamas Lossonczy – Cosmic Activism

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