Daily Mystic For Monday 22 August

Virgo Season is imminent- think wit, alacrity and perhaps just a hint of heightened self-scrutiny.

Do consider starting or recommitting to a journal practice as this factor plus Mars in mercurial Gemini AND Mercury nearing the shadow of a Retrograde can be a bit hyper-thinky.

Typing and texting are great but writing out your complexity with a literal pen – metal for conductivity is ideal – in a literal physical book is super-effective. You can feel the ideas and looping thoughts smooth out as you go.

Speaking of thought, Mercury is now trine Pluto, streamlining your ‘detection process’ and possibly inviting some real-time confessional truth sessions from the usual suspects. It’s also great for depth dialogue and could – not that you would take advantage of this – dig up some interesting dirt!


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