Daily Mystic for Monday 22 April

We are about to enjoy a 16-hour long Void Moon in Libra. And no, the “enjoy” is not intended as irony.

This is a good one and it’s well-timed. Not sure what I’m on about? See What Is A Void Moon?

This one runs from Monday 22 at 23:24 Universal Time until the Moon in Scorpio – Tuesday 23 at 15:19 Universal Time.

See the Moon Calendar for the times in your zone, of course but you get the idea.

Many Void Moons are just a few minutes long and even the longer ones are short enough that many of us will sleep through them. But 16 hours is a deluxe-length version and worth taking into account with scheduling or strategies.


*Heightened opportunities for diplomacy or feud resolution, although it would be prudent to delay signature until after Mercury is Direct mid-week.

*Inspired rebalancing concepts. It’s easy to delay doing things that would enhance equilibrium because you’re waiting for more optimal conditions but this is a Moon of serendipity…ultra-effective simplicity.

*Tactical relationship genius – whether you’re in, out, uncommitted, commercially partnering or soulmating etc, the lucid thought style and objectivity of this Void Moon evoke fresh potential.


*As Mercury is turning Direct soon yet still Retrograde and the Sun-Pluto square provokes pushy people/existential pressure, some people may be prone to random whims that masquerade as instinct. Avoid this by setting or affirming your rationale.

*The sort of people who expect you to be distinctly on ‘their side’ or making a performative show of loyalty could be irksome.

But this detachment is a blessing and it’s worthwhile adhering to it.

Void Moon + Mercury Retro spontaneity or sudden schedule switches can be fantastic.

In this case, the trick is to vibe-check yourself before flowing with any impulse – if your motive seems related to getting someone off your back or assuaging an imaginary/historic factor, re-think it.

Also, several MM members have alerted me to the fascinating events at Stonehenge this week – Rare Lunar Event To Shed Light On Stonehenge’s Links To The Moon – I’m intrigued and if you’re interested, I wrote about the Lunar Standstill phenom last August here.

I will do more of course but in the meantime, that post has some useful info and a graph comparing the Lunar and Solar highs over the last century.


Image: Tuco Amalfi – The Birth Of Andromeda

2 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Monday 22 April”

  1. This is lovely, thank you.
    This full moon is conj my Scorpio Saturn, ok … it passes quickly, but I’ve realised the Pluto square to my Saturn is a looong game, meh!!
    I’m sure it will do me good :/

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