Daily Mystic for Monday 20 November

Happy Monday!

The Sun is still in proximity to Mars in Scorpio and both parties are in an opportune ‘sextile’ alignment with Pluto.

You know what this is? It’s a chance to reinforce your resolve and augment yourself. Remember the times when you had scant resources but made yourself resourceful and all the things/people/circumstances you transformed with pure oomph.

This Sun-Mars-Pluto scenario is also aligned with Neptune AKA artistic vision and/or magic if you care to access it.

Gnarlier astrology arrives on Weds with the Sun newly in Saggo squaring Saturn in Pisces till Friday but we know what is: it’s slow comprehension on the part of people/companies we need to be quick or at least not monolithic. Think also mundane s***t with logistics, deadline pressure, debt apprehensions etc – ie: things you are already good at handling.

Saturn input is always around – stronger at some times than others – but you don’t have to take it on and let it seep into your system like confidence-sapping dampness. That part is totally optional.

And this Sun-Mars-Pluto sync is zippy enough to get up strength + momentum to surge through or pre-empt the mundane.

I know I’ve said this before but before you run through your to-do list, make a have-done list.


Image: Alessandro Keegan – Sanctuary

3 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Monday 20 November”

  1. “before you run through your to-do list, make a have-done list” I do this every morning! I write down everything I did / got done the day before, and then I write my to do list for the day as a “good / better / best” spread. It’s a much nicer way to frame the day.

  2. The Lion & The Centaur

    This weekend was such Neptunian magic. I manifested everything I wanted from pizza to a quiet reading retreat in the library – kid free.

    Snow was falling slowly and beautifully and everytime I saw it I started thinking about Snowy owls in the zoo 100 km from us. They have a beautiful dome-like aviarium. Tonight I got a call that my sister needs a ride to the city of the zoo tomorrow. Mr Sagittarius started to bitch that he needs help with builders coming in tomorrow. Cue phone call – builders told they weren’t coming after all! I just finished a big assignment so tomorrow we’re taking the day off with my daughter and going to the zoo to see the Snowy owls. Magic!

    1. Love this story about the Snowy Owls and how thing worked out just so that you could go and see them! Hope it was a lovely visit

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