Daily Mystic for Monday 14 August

Uranian Vibe is surging back! Have you noticed yet? An uptick in madcap ingenuity? People – you included – suddenly starting things or ending them without notice? Developing informed audacity like it’s cardio-lung capacity?

The weirdness matrix is activated and leaping to conclusions may just be the new methodical thought process. This atmosphere is not the edgy-angst of the recent (2021 + 2022) Saturn-Uranus square.

It’s pure primordial Uranian influence – accelerated, electric and out-there but wildly beneficial if you can tap into it. You can’t rely on others behaving ‘as advertised’ nor even yourself. It’s exciting.

So what’s up exactly? Jupiter is nearing Uranus – so rad for innovative expansion, tech breakthroughs or inventing what you need – and while it will back off in early September – it’s big in March-April 2024.

More immediately, the next three days see the Leo Sun squaring Uranus as Mars in Virgo is trine Uranus. Squares provoke and trines enhance. These alignments, along with the Jupiter effect, ensure eureka flashes galore and unconventional achievements.

The Sun-Uranus square just adds a sub-tone of potential rivalry or the realization that you or your ideas have outgrown a certain milieu. Have fun with this! And recall that even if you can’t action a wild attraction or concept right away, this is still a good time to cherish/work on it.


Image: Cicero Spin 

1 thought on “Daily Mystic for Monday 14 August”

  1. This explains the spiritual awakening I’ve been experiencing over the last few weeks. I fell down a UFO wormhole on TikTok which developed into a spiritual talkfest which has opened me up to possibilities I never dreamed of in over five decades on this planet. There’s talk on the interwebs that the New Earth is nigh. Maybe they’re right? #quantumleaps #deeplyuranian #neverthoughtthiswouldhappentome

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