Daily Mystic for Monday 13 November

“Do not be a magician – be magic,”
Leonard Cohen – Beautiful Losers

So – some good news! The Mars-Uranus opposition that’s been the core contributor to the accelerated weirdness & aggro peaked yesterday. I would not count it as “over” by any means but it was exact over the weekend.

However, Mars is close to the (imminent) New Moon in Scorpio – 9:27 AM Universal Time on Monday, check the Moon Calendar for the precise time in your zone.

What does this mean? For you and your ventures, it’s great – you can channel all of the recent churn and turbulence into a definitive, high-resolve-driven fresh start.  Sorry but you can’t really do it in a passionless, chic and detached way – this energy is the kinetic cognitive zippiness of Uranus coupled with the emotional depths of Scorpio.

So think audacity and ingenuity + an outlet for roiling feelings that turns into a success.

More broadly, the New Moon could reveal something that happened with the Mars-Uranus exactness over the weekend that we were not informed of in real time. If so, it could be surprising or really overdoing it in the edginess stakes. 

There is also an outside chance that anyone of the several meetings and negotiations occurring right now could result in a new, better agreement – the astro favors reform and revolutionary advances just as much as it favors the crazy-bats stuff.


Image: Johanne Bayer – Corvus

1 thought on “Daily Mystic for Monday 13 November”

  1. Thanks, Mystic. Always great to start the day, and the week, with your words.

    “Passionless, chic and detached” was never going to work with my multiple Scorp placements anyway! 😂

    Found myself drawn to listening to Tori Amos on the weekend – Little Earthquakes. I think she is Scorpio riding? Seemed to fine just what I needed for an impending new moon in Scorpio with Uranian and Mars action going on too.

    Hope it’s a great, transformative new moon for everyone.

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