Daily Mystic for Monday 13 May

As I write, the geomagnetic storm has abated but with another few flares having popped off, so to speak, more action is reliably forecast for Monday and Tuesday.

An amusing aside – I was trying to find an article I linked to previously that covered space weather and mood research. To save time, I just googled it and got a hilarious A.I. result: The effects of space weather on human mood are mediated by electrical processes in acupuncture points.

Or maybe the A.I. knows more than we do and this is correct? Who wants to experiment with zapping up their gall-bladder meridian to see if they can channel Jupiter or something?

Anyway, Monday is super-uranian as the Sun is exactly conjunct the rad-planet at 9:13 AM Universal Time. I am just mentioning this for reference – because it’s an outer planet and Apollo is so hyped at the moment, give this a two day window.

That is, take extra steps to nurture physical regularity/stability and calm nerves whilst also chanelling this high-end inventive inspo and all the breakthroughs it can bring.

Venus is also in a harmonious sextile with Saturn, aiding the innovative vibe by softening the self-doubt-stimulus/inner critic angle of Saturn.

If the Uranian atmosphere and the space storm have manifested as discordance within usually harmonious relationships, this ‘sensible’ Venus-Saturn link also favors appeals to logic/calming things down via the basics.


Image: Ian McCulloch – Leaping Hare & Comet

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  1. Hi Mystic. Unfortunately, I didn’t follow your pertinent advice today. I forgot and went the semi hysterical route instead. Much to my regret. However, I did come here to give thanks. After a day of it, the tarot was far more insightful, and helpful, then I could of expected. I didn’t realise how much I needed those words. Much thanks to you.

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